How To Get Produce


You can visit our online store if you are interested in produce. We also suggest signing up for the Newsletter. In the Newsletter each week, we will let you know what has been picked and is available for purchase, along with what is coming soon. After you make a purchase on the online store, you will come by the Market Garden to pick up your produce. The day and time are indicated on the store website and in your email order confirmation.

Signing Up For Newsletter

Go to the “Join the IMO Newsletter” link on the top navigation of this site to join the weekly newsletter. The newsletter will keep you informed on where we are selling and options to get your produce.

Order Weekly from Fresh List

We will have a list each week in the newsletter of what is available for purchase. By the time the newsletter comes out, the online store will be updated with the latest items for purchase. The online store is in sync with our inventory and from the store you can purchase your items before picking them up at the Market Garden. Another way to get to the online store is through the top link on this site that says “STORE.”

When and where do i PICKUP my produce

On the online store’s home page, we have the latest details on when we have our pickup days at the Market Garden. The pickup day and time window are indicated in the email confirmation you receive after your order.

The Market Garden is located at 148 Iron Mountain Road, Canton, GA 30115. You will either see a tent and sign at the location of the pickup or we will have a sign indicating the location. If you come after the pickup window, we leave your produce in the coolers with your order sheet attached. If you have any questions about pick up, you can reply to your order confirmation or call us at the phone number that is provided at the bottom of the online store.